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Welcome to hotel "Le Paquis"


More than fifty years of heritage…

A bona fide family tradition passing on the art of hospitality from one generation to the next.

The hotel is located in the centre of the ski station. As it is part of a residential neighbourhood, it nears all sorts of facilities such as the swimming pool and sports centre, local bars and the town hall.


Discover the Spa at our hotel

After a well-filled day, you are welcome to unwind, relax and enjoy in our Spa, which includes a sauna, hammam and jacuzzi! You deserve a relaxing break at "Le Paquis", included in your room fee.

The story behind "Le Paquis"

When the hotel was originally established in 1963 by Mr. and Mrs. Mazzega, both born and raised in old Tignes, it served as a shelter for workers, business delegations and ski clubs. As the years went by, the hotel evolved. Gradually it opened up to a wider range of guests, including families and couples.

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Our staff at your service

During breakfast, Mrs. Mazzega, one of the founders of the hotel, would be glad to be at your service. With a hawk's eye, she makes sure everything in the hotel is in order and things run smoothly.

Her daughter, Catherine, offers you a warm welcome at the reception and will ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay. While she is concerned with the planning, she also leads and trains the hotel personnel.

Her son, Gilles, takes it upon himself to serve you a pre-dinner beverage and to keep you updated on the latest sports results. As he spent his younger years skiing the slopes of Tignes and it's surroundings, Gilles can inspire you to try new routes and inform you of their risks. On top of this, he is a key figure in the hotel management and an all-round handyman.


The devoted employees and the permanent team are always concerned about the well-being of the guests. Seeing some of the same guests year after year and catching up with them, is one of the things that keeps our team motivated.


And not to be forgotten as an important team member, is of course Mr. Mazzega, as he is watching from the clouds above…

Our customer satisfaction

"Very nice hotel with a perfect location and friendly staff"

"Our Team loved it here. Thank you Paquis!"

"A lovely family run hotel"

A lovely family run hotel

With the future of our planet and each person's comfort in mind, "Le Paquis" was completely renovated in 2009. Since then, the hotel is fully heated by one central wood burner and additional solar panels. The 8000 litre hot water reservoir will ensure you never have to take a cold shower, even on the busiest day.

Still, every year, Catherine loves infusing her personal touch into parts of the hotel's interior. Thanks to the enlargement of the windows in the bar and dining area, you can enjoy the comfort of sitting indoors with a hot drink, while gazing upon the stunning view of the lake and the surrounding mountain tops. Our several lounging areas come each in their own style.

The ever ongoing renewal of the hotel in between seasons (e.g. the new carpet, the restaurant,… ) does not compromise the authentic look and feel of this family-owned establishment.